Dungaree + Kangaroo =

Meet the Dungaroo

At first glance the Dungaroo is denim dungarees just like any others but, if you zip on the sling attachment it transforms into a built in baby carrier. So, just like a kangaroo, you have your kid in a pouch!

The Lub Dub Denim heartbeat signifier in black

What can you do with your Dungaroo?

A new purpose for classic dungarees.

The dungaree is a garment with a long history and culture.
It’s been the working man’s staple garment since the early 1900’s.

The Dungaroo is a loose fit, unisex, 100% cotton denim for anyone loving dungarees but especially designed to make life easier with a small child or when expecting one.

Denim Dungarees designed in Sweden.

Sweden is a country known for putting family first in the sense that we have free health and child care and a very generous maternity leave. Sweden strives to see all families as equal - the worth of a parent and child is the same, no matter who or how we love and live. 

We are also known for brands like Volvo, Oatly, Skype, Spotify, Klarna and then there is IKEA of course. 

In many ways Swedish companies focus on life hacks, parenting and sustainable solutions. 
So do we. We want the Dungaroo to be your staple garment when you take on the challenges of life with or without kids.

Leaving fast fashion behind.

Our grandparents were amazing dressers and took pride in their appearance just like we do. However, in contrast to us, they embraced their style and did not get dictated what to wear every season by fast fashion brands.

They bought their good quality staple garments, cared for them and then personalised their looks with accessories.

Lub Dub Denim really want to urge you to be inspired by the previous generations by buying less clothes, of better quality and most importantly trusting your own style rather than hiding behind seasonal fashion.

Let’s strive towards sustainable style and function.

Sustainability, transparency and accountability.

Our Denim is produced in a factory in Turkey called Calik Denim. They have developed a ground-breaking system called DyePro. All water and chemicals are reused in the DyePro system.

The denim is 100% cotton out of which 80% is organic and 20% recycled.

Our Dungaroo is sewn in Tunisia which we feel is not too far away from Turkey and this is where we source all the other elements that make up our garment.

Client Testimonials

So practical

Wearing my Dungaroo, the best part is everything now fits in my pockets and I can ditch the bag and feel free. I don’t have kids, I just love the quality of the denim and the loose fit.


I'm finally mobile!

I didn’t understand the beauty of dungarees until I tried the Dungaroo. It’s so nice to skip the stroller and get on the bus with my kid, free to carry her whenever and wherever we like.


I'm moving in!

I love the idea of Lub Dub, I think my friends will start calling me Dungaroo girl as I have a feeling I will be wearing these all the time.


Why Lub Dub Denim?

We love your style
Style is more sustainable


Safety tested according to EU standards

Closed circuit dying process

The origins of our product