Choosing the right products is not easy. There are so many factors to consider and many facts are hidden for the end consumer to see. 

We strive to be transparent in how and why we have made the choices we have.

The only product we have is the Dungaroo. It comes in a unisex model that fits most people and it's made in a high quality organic and recycled cotton denim. There are multiple ways to get good use of the Dungaroo, it's easy to wear in various styling combinations and also has the built in baby sling so it can be used as a baby carrier. 

The waist is adjustable to fit your size regardless what time of the year (holiday mood or workoutfrenzy). 

We don't have season fashion or a number of models and colors. We keep it simple and in the same way sustainable.

In our opinion we just need to reduce our consumption and one way of doing this is a paradigm shift. We need to focus on embracing our own styles and identities.

Fashion changes almost daily these days but if you dress for your own style you will most likely not feel a need to update your wardrobe as much as by following the fashion seasons.

Looking at previous generations, they did just this. They had a limited range of staple pieces in their wardrobe and switched up accessories and smaller pieces to make subtle changes.

We definitely don't think fashion needs to get killed off but we need to look at things differently. Buy less and buy of better quality. Choose a natural fibre when possible -  and age with it! 

As the Lub Dub Denim Dungaroo has a very unique feature of being able to carry your child in it, we hope and believe that parents will love our product enough to buy it when they start building a family - and then keep using it as normal dungarees when the small ones are getting bigger. 

Note that we also want to sell only ONE pair of Dungaroos per person, as we again, want to be a part of this reducing movement. One Dungaroo should last you for a good 10 years give or take :)

As a team, we strive to become better in every aspect of being held accountable. We understand that we bring yet a new product to the market. We just see it as a product that can actually outlive and replace others, less ambitious and quality-focused ones.

We truly believe that the Dungaroo is a garment that will bring purpose, joy and function in to parents' lives. 

Love, Kiki and Nina

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