You can carry a kid in your Dungaroo!

Dungaree + Kangaroo = Meet the Dungaroo!

At first glance the Dungaroo is a pair of denim dungarees just like any other but, if you tighten your side buckles and even zip on the sling attachment, it transforms into a built in baby carrier. So, just like a kangaroo, you have your kid in a pouch!


The Parent Workwear.

Giving you as a parent a silver lining on your day is our thing.  We love parents. And high quality denim. And being part of changing the textile industry towards sustainability.

If we can help you just a little bit by offering an impromptu baby carrying option, with lots of pockets, when you need it - we are happy.

As a parent of small kids, you can use the Dungaroo in different scenarios. If you wear it when you short haul travel, you can check in the nappy bag and baby carrier and just bring the essentials for the journey in the pockets of the Dungaroo.

The Dungaroo does not look like a "baby garment". The Dungaroo just looks like loose-fit, comfortable denim dungarees that anyone could wear.

This is because parents aren’t just parents but individuals.

You can wear the Dungaroo whenever you like, for example going for a drink or coffee with friends to tick that "alone time" box, or just simply wearing comfy and good looking clothes after your baby years are over. 


Spontaneous made easy.

The Dungaroo is for the times you want to be spontaneous but responsible.

You want to be able to go out - without putting the baby carrier or buggy in the car just in case you might need it.

It is for the times you want to run to the store before they close and don't have the energy to put on the baby carrier or take the nappy bag with you.

It's for the times you want to be ready for your toddler's meltdown by the tills at closing, or if they want to get chased through the store whilst you pack your groceries.

The Dungaroo will be there to give you that option of putting your child in the bib and hands free to deal with the task you wanted to get done.


Smooth Travels.

Traveling with little children can be stressful. When they are little they often need extra carry-on luggage - like a nappy bag and a baby carrier - for even short journeys of up to two hours.

Small children are obviously not capable of carrying their own things, so the travel buddy (you) have to carry these essentials throughout the whole journey.

With the Dungaroo we want you to be able to check in your nappy bag and baby carrier or sling, and just put the essentials in your Dungaroo pockets, your child in the bib - and then hopefully have a smoother travel experience.


stick men showing scenarios when the dungaroo comes in handy

Made to last.

A big part of the Dungaroo is the denim. We have used 100% cotton denim.

The reason is that it is a very durable textile that also ages beautifully. Denim is like the skin on your face; As it ages it tells the stories of the life it has had.

We want you to be able to wear the Dungaroo and to see your life stories etched into them. Imagine that the child you once wore in that Dungaroo could see the stains or the marks that they made when they were little.

Better yet, that they could use the same Dungaroo to carry their own children. Not only will you have a unique pair with your family history etched in them, but you will hopefully not have had to buy any other dungarees throughout the time you had the Dungaroo.


Safety first.

An enormous amount of time and effort has been put into the Dungaroo being the safest possible baby carrying garment. Many rounds of tests in labs, hours in Research & Development and grey hairs have been accummulated. In order to carry your child safely we have put together instructions of use as well as all safety and warning texts that we are legally bound to give you. Please click HERE to access this information.