How To

Here are two videos on how to use The Dungaroo WITH and WITHOUT the sling attachment. The sling is needed when carrying a child that is not able to support its own neck. As soon as the child can support the neck itself, The Dungaroo can be used to carry in without the sling attached.



The below Instruction of use comes as a printed copy in your parcel upon purchase of your Dungaroo. Carefully read all information on this instruction and keep it for future reference. Thank you!



- use only with one child;
- ensure that the child's airways are always free;
- constantly monitor your child;
- do not allow the head and neck of the child to bend into a C position with the body;
- do not use during sporting activities;
- do not leave the product unattended in the presence of children;
- do not wear accessories which could strangle the child (for example necklaces, headphones, etc.);
- do not use in case of drugs or substances intake which alter perception and/or consciousness.

instructions of use of how to use the dungaroo. with visuals. safety requirements and warnings of how to use the dungaroo when baby carrying

Baby Sling Safety: The T.I.C.K.S rule of safe baby wearing

TIGHT: tighten straps, fasteners and fabric so that your child is positioned up high, upright, with a nice c-curved position. Carrying the child loosely can increase risk of falling out of the carrier as well as trouble breathing.

IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES: make sure to be in constant sight of your child’s face as this is the best way to see that your child is comfortable and ok. Make sure the child’s mouth and nose are clear and not obstructed at any time with any fabric or even your own skin.

CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS: position your child so that you can kiss its head by simply tipping your head forwards. Position your child facing you with legs on either side of your torso and outside of the garment allowing the legs and hips to curl naturally in a c-curve.

KEEP CHIN OFF CHEST: ensure that your child always has its chin away from its chest. Being curled up may cause restriction of their airways. Distress does not always make a sound so be vigilant, mindful and aware whilst carrying your child.

SUPPORTED BACK: Your baby’s back should always be supported in a natural c-curve position. The baby's tummy and chest should face you whilst the legs should be supported slightly bent on either side of your body. Legs should be poking outside of the garment. When you bend down, do so by bending your knees and keep a hand behind your child’s back for extra support. This to reduce any risk of falling for the child and for the wearer's spine health.


PLEASE NOTE: Any accidents caused by suffocation or fall is at the wearer's own peril. We advise you to take the utmost care whilst carrying your child in the Lub Dub Denim Dungaroo as in any baby carrier. If you have any questions or concerns get in touch and we will do our best to help you be a happy carrier and user of your Dungaroo.