Our sustainable recipe

Lub Dub Denim is a small rookie company in the clothing industry. Being a startup, we feel we have both a great chance - but also a responsibility - to get things right from the beginning. We have taken inspiration from other industries such as heavy industry and foodtech.

Being open and transparent with our garments is something that we, as new comers to the textile industry, though was common practice. We assumed everyone made a map of where and from whom everything came. How is one otherwise able to fine tune and improve over time?

As we are now a bit more immersed in the textile world we see that our assumptions are something that the industry is actually working towards. Platforms like Retraced, TrusTrace and AWARE exist and help to create this traceability and transparency that we feel is key to really streamlining companies. We have partnered with Retraced for our journey and on our product page you will be able to find details about this work.

For us, it has always been very important to manage all forms of waste - waste of resources, waste of transports and waste of time.

We have made tough decisions based purely on the future of the planet and our children. The future of the planet has been ranked higher than costs and income for us. The planet should not keep paying the price for our decisions, we should.

We have chosen to work with suppliers who share our beliefs and vision. Our main suppliers are geographically close to each other and there are few of them which reduces transports and distances. The ambition is to reduce all our suppliers to a minimum as well as the distances they travel.

We are just at the beginning of our journey so there is still a great deal of work to be done in terms of logistics and suppliers, but we invite you to follow our journey.

We hope we can show you a way of working towards reducing our negative impact on the planet. We hope we can inspire others and if we can help anyone, even competitors, to change - we are more than happy to do so. We only have one shot at saving our planet so let's help each other out.

Lub Dub Denim has one single corporate goal and that is for people to buy less and better clothes. We want the Dungaroo to be the only pair of dungarees someone buys in ten years. You should only need one pair. Buying less is the best possible solution in terms of reducing the negative impact that textile has on the planet. 

As the textile industry looks to rebuild a more equitable and sustainable industry, one thing is clear — old ways won't open new doors. Intertwined with fashion's overarching sustainability issues is overproduction and over-consumption.


Sustainable recipe:

  • Long lasting qualityThe Dungaroo is made to last and withstand heavy usage year in an year out. Hand it down or sell it when you don’t use it any longer.
  • Recyclable – the organic and recycled cotton of the denim in the Dungaroo is both recyclable and biodegradable
  • Style – not fashion - we work with pre-orders and are mindful of having a single plain and unisex product that will not generate overstock. Since we have the same product always, skipping the seasonal fashion cycles, we are sustainable regardless of the size of stock.
  • D2C only – since we only sell via our own website, we eliminate a lot of transportation, overstock issues and keep the logistics efficient.
  • Timeless design – we stick to the clean, simple and functional design of the Dungaroo. The design is made for you to style as you want. It’s a blank canvas and will always be “in style”. We are very inspired by the overalls/dungarees of the 1920's when the garment was just functional.
  • Transparency – we choose to open up and show the origins of the Dungaroo. Where the denim is produced, who manufactures the garment and how we ship the product to you. This is because we want you to know the unfiltered journey of the Dungaroo. We always strive towards improvement and want you as our customer to be able to see all that we do.
  • Versatility and Unisex – people come in many shapes and sizes and gender should not always be relevant. Our Dungaroo is designed to be versatile and follow the changes of your body. Be it because of maternity or not – the Dungaroo can be altered in the waist to accommodate your body in various sizes. We are only at the start of our journey so we are far from having all the sizes that we want to cater to all the customers out there.
  • Multipurpose garment – The Dungaroo can be worn as a pair of normal dungarees but also be used as a perfectly safe baby or toddler carrier. Adding function to a garment both increases use but also reduces purchases of items that you might not need.
  • Close relationships - we work with as few suppliers as possible and we want to keep a transparent and strong relationship with them. This way we can communicate our values and make sure we are all on the same page.


Please feel free to reach out if you have or want any tips or advice on what we can do to improve our impact on the planet. We value everyone's constructive criticism.