The Parent Workwear.

Lifehacks for parents is our thing. We love parents and think great style is about personality, and at the same time being comfortable and functional.

Parenting is a wonderful yet challenging job and every chance to make it easier is worth taking. The Dungaroo might not solve the day to day puzzle but it does help when you need free hands. It also looks great and wears really comfortably. 

Carrying is a big part of having a baby. We have tried many models of carriers and slings and developed our garment to give both you and your little one a joyful yet comfortable experience. We don't see the Dungaroo as a replacement of a carrier but instead the parent workwear that will be there for you in those tricky moments you would want a helping hand.

Spontaneous made easy.

While there are thousands of baby carrying products on the market, we felt most of them needed some kind of planning to be functional. The Dungaroo doesn’t. Just wear your good looking pair as any garment and use it as a baby carrier when you need to. Going to the park? No need to bring the nursing bag – the Dungaroo fits bottles and diapers in the numerous pockets.

Made to last.

We want you to be able to wear the Dungaroo and to see your life stories written on them. Learn to love the stains and marks on them as those are uniquely your story. Imagine that the child you once wore in that Dungaroo could see the stains or the marks that they made on that garment. Better yet, that they could use the same garment to carry your grand children in.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.

100% organic cotton. 20% recycled. Dyed with DyePro - the groundbreaking closed circuit system, eliminating water and chemical waste. 

We hope you will love your Dungaroo as much as we do!



dyepro is the closed circuit dye system we use the dungaroo is tested in independent lab to comply with existing eu standardswe love parents signifierdenim is made of 20% recycled cotton and 80% organic cottonthe dungaroo will last for a long timefollow your own style, not fashion. style is more sustainable